Website Maintenance: 7 Ways to Maintain Your Business Website

If you’ve been trying to figure out the cause behind your business not doing so well recently, one of the factors could be your outdated website.

Yes, neglecting your website can do more damage to your business than you could imagine.

You will have to either maintain your website through in-house resources or hire a web design company who would provide you website maintenance services.

Just to remind you of the importance of a website for your business, here are some advantages of having one:

  • A website is the key avenue to bring in more customers.
  • It is your identity in the online world.
  • It tells people what you and your business stands for.
  • It builds customer’s trust.

Something that important can’t be neglected right?

Websites require care, maintenance and management otherwise they can seem unattractive and repel clients and customers instead of inviting them in.

We’re living in a digital world and the Internet is everyone’s go to place to find out more about a product or brand – what will people see if they land on your website?

Maintaining websites requires work and when trust is established with your customers, you’ll start to see regular visitors.

Make sure their experience on your website is smooth and user-friendly.

Here are a few tips to help maintain your website and increase traffic.

1. Find the best website designer and developer for your business

When you have the right foundation, success becomes achievable.

Just like you would choose the best builder to construct your home, find the best web designer to build your website.

Out of the thousands of options of website developers available on the web, the challenge is to find the one best website designer for your business needs.

Make an informed decision keeping in mind the following factors:

  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Content management
  • SEO features
  • Social media integration
  • Compatibility

The web designer’s goal should be to develop a website which not only looks attractive but is also creative and functional.

2. Keep updating your website

It is very off-putting for a consumer to land on a website that shows content on a website dated over a year or months ago.

When you update your website regularly by posting recent company news, events, promotions.  Your website becomes attractive to the visitor.

A maintained website also tells the consumer that you are very much in business.

Many times people log on to websites to buy and search for products and you don’t want to give them the impression that your business has shut down thanks to an unmaintained website.

If daily updates aren’t doable then set weekly targets for yourself or at least of few times every month.

3. Revamp your website

Sometimes the reason that your website is not being visited by people is because of its poor design.

A well designed homepage and overall look matter a lot hence formatting issues or textual errors, broken links and an outdated look are a recipe for disaster.

The point to note here is that people will judge the quality of your product or service by the look of your website and they will leave the site quickly if the website is poorly formatted or outdated.

Want your customers to keep visiting? Make your website attractive, fix your homepage, and give attention to navigation bars, images, headers and your logo.

Choose a simple yet attractive layout that isn’t cluttered or old-fashioned. Choose a theme, colors and images that match your product and posts.

4. Evaluate the content

The content on your website needs to be engaging and you should be able to connect with the audience effectively so that readers can turn into customers.

Whatever content you put up on your website (images, videos, blog posts) is your opportunity to bond with the potential customers.

Don’t forget to proofread!

This cannot be stressed enough – before publishing anything, review and edit numerous times.

Make sure you get facts from reliable sources. And most importantly keep the tone of your content natural and fresh – don’t over-promote or sound artificial.

Your valued customers will connect with you through the website’s content.

5. Go for SEO

Search engine optimization will help in bringing in a constant flow of relevant traffic to your website.

People will find your website easily when you optimize it for search engines.

There are many ways to go about this process which you can learn yourself or take help from SEO experts. It’ll be money well spent in exchange for sales and visibility for your website.

6. Create a community within your website

Nowadays people tend to share their opinions and sentiments on subjects they feel connected to. When you create a sense of community within your site you’ll be able to achieve regular readership.

You can include ‘comment sections’ under your posts, threads and forums which will allow users to perceive your brand in a different light.

Many successful websites (i.e. that have lots of traffic) have a thriving comment section in which the owner participates too.

Your website’s credibility will definitely go up if you Give extra time and remain active and engage with your website’s community.

7. Promote your website through social media

Your website must be central to all your marketing campaigns. Create specific campaign pages and then link them to social media posts.

Although organic reach is dead on Facebook and Instagram, however, Pinterest and Linkedin are goldmines when it comes to organic reach.

So make sure to use it to your advantage. Connect with your audience, follow and share lots of content – lure in people to your awesome website!

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