15 Reasons for Choosing WordPress for Creating your Website


You can think of many reasons for why you choose to have WordPress as your website platform. It can prove vital for your business. So let’s have a look at some of these reasons!

1. No License fees

The platform of WordPress is free. No payment is required for the registration and all the software updates are free of cost. That’s because WordPress in an open-source platform.

2. No vendor lock

With WordPress, you are not bound in a long term contract with your suppliers. Here, you have the freedom to select your partnership.

3. You own your data

As you do not have to restrict with one supplier, your data will not be stored in the propriety system of your supplier. All of your data is yours. You have the right to change or remove it any time you want.

4. Multiple user roles

WordPress offers multiple roles for the users. The user can take the role of the author, admin, super admin, contributor or the editor.

5. Friendly interface

The great thing about WordPress is that it’s really easy to use. This means that you don’t need to have any qualifications for using WordPress and there is no requirement to enroll in a course before being able to make your own website. Yes, there is a certain learning curve, but the interface is really easy to understand and use.

6. Content marketing

WordPress offers publishing tools which are great for the content marketing. Tools such as revisions, preview and post scheduling can prove helpful in content marketing.


7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WordPress offers you a great platform if you want to boost your rating in search engines. It’s the top choice of many professional for website creation.

8. Secure

WordPress is considered as one of the most secure platforms. It has a complete source code which is peer reviewed.


WordPress has great extendibility. It can be employed for web-based applications or reaching easy-to-make intranet solutions.

10. Innovative design

WordPress doesn’t set any limit on your creativity as far as the designing is concerned. It is a powerful tool and whatever idea that you might have for a website, it can deliver!

11. Integration

You can link your website with tools like Mailchimp, Sales force or any other tool that you like. If you like to connect any user account or membership, that can be done too!

12. Multilingual sites

You can utilize translation plugins to translate the content of your website into any language that you require.


13. Performance

WordPress can meet your expectations. Whatever you need, it can provide. It can deliver your content internationally at high speed.

14. Stable

WordPress provides a platform which is stable and safe to use. Its strong base code and continuous development makes it stable and trustworthy for its users.

15. Scalability

WordPress has the ability to support the high traffic sites that cater for thousands of users on daily basis. So, if you want to expand your website viewers in the future, WordPress has you covered!