Web Design Pricing: What Are Website Development Packages in Pakistan?

We are often asked what are your website design and development packages?

It’s a wrong question to ask up front.

Before you ask this question, document your website design and development requirements. As in what would you want to achieve through your website?

  • Is it to attract new employees?
  • Do you want to generate leads or sales?
  • Is it for brand awareness?

Once done, send it to a few shortlisted web design companies.

There are no defined packages when it comes to professional website design because each website is different.

Some website projects may need a custom design approach while others may be done using templates.

I’ve seen several web development companies pitch website development packages on their website, however, mostly they are more into web hosting services than professional website design services.

Gone are the days when you would get a quote limited to the number of website pages. Because now websites are always backed up by content management systems.

Let’s discuss how we would run a process to understand your website design and development needs.

When you call or email us, we will either send you a questionnaire or set up a 30-minute call with you.

This is our discovery phase where we learn everything about your business, your ideal clients, your services, your competition and your sales process.

It sets the foundation for your website. It’s a step that you must include when making your website.

We then analyze your content requirements, plan a sitemap, document areas on your website that would require frequent changes.

After this we come up with a proposal, include all deliverables and list licenses that we have to buy.

For example, if you don’t have access to high-quality pictures, we buy stock images’ licenses for you.

Now imagine, someone quoted you a price over the phone without ever listening to your objectives vs. someone who understood your business and then floated a proposal.

Who would be your go to person?

Already want a web design quote? Give our award-winning team a ring at +92-300-821-1985, or contact us online to discover what our talented team of web designers can do for you.