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Why not launch an online shop in the language that your users understand. Our shopping cart is built in Arabic language to help you do more on the web.



Web Pages Management
  • Ability to add new pages, edit and delete them.
  • Integrated META TAGs management (for search engines)
Products Management
  • Manage Categories and Subcategories
  • Manage Product, Prices, Descriptions & Image
  • Attach PDF sheet to the product page
  • Export Products to spreadsheet
  • Manage Stock in Numbers
  • Automatic subtraction of items from inventory
Customer Management
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Order History
  • Customer Address Book
  • Email Confirmations and Alerts to Customers
Shopper Features
  • Customer Registration / Login
  • Shopping cart
  • Recommend a Friend
  • Quick and Advanced Search
In–site Marketing and Promotions
  • Separate Special offers page
  • Option to place the banner on homepage (specials)
  • Best Seller Box
Order & Shipping Management
  • Create Manual Orders via Administration panel
  • Example: you receive a call from the prospect asking you for the particular product, you can create his order right away and charge his/her credit card.

  • Manage all orders
  • Manage shipping prices per country
  • Option to have flat fee for the shipping
  • Option to have free shipping for minimum order
  • Example: For orders above USD 500, you can offer free shipping.

Multiple Payment Options
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Cash on delivery
  • Bank Transfer
Newsletter Management
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe option for website visitors
  • Import email addresses
  • Export email addresses
  • Send HTML or Plain Email to subscribers
Basic Reporting
  • Number of pending orders
  • Orders generated by customers
  • Number of shipped orders
  • Successful orders
  • Failed orders

More Features

News Management
  • Admin can add/edit/delete news
  • Customer can view the news list
  • Customer can read particular news
  • News then appear in the box with scrolling effect.
Product Catalog download:
  • Admin can upload/delete product catalog file (pdf/doc/xls) pertaining to a publisher entity
  • Separate page to display list of all publishers
  • Link to download to product catalog.
Discount Batches
  • Administrator can add/edit Discount batches.
  • Discount can only be deleted if there are no entities associated.
Discount Batch and Books
  • Discount batch fields: Batch title, Max discount (%), description (optional – admin only)
  • Admin can re–assign discount batch to any particular book
Discount Batch and Customer
  • By default, customer is considered as Normal Customer (No Discount Applicable)
  • Admin can change the customer group. (Discount group)
    • For each discount batch, admin shall be entering discount % pertaining to customer's account.
    • By default, discount value for each discount batch must be zero.
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