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Relevancy matters and wins you top position on Google.

08 Sep, 2011

Customers whenever googling anything prefers clicking on the first two or three links of websites that is present on the web page. It is a universally applied rule. It is the answer to this question that dictates the success of any online business today. The sooner they find the answer to it, the better.

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Digital Marketing Guide

04 May, 2011

We have put together a powerpoint presentation that will help you understand the importance of visual design and keyword research in digital marketing.

Download Presentation: http://www.4mdesigners.com/giveaways/digital-marketing.pps


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Social Media Marketing

09 Jul, 2010

Thinking about Social Media brings in mind the friends network, sharing thoughts and emotions with them. But these days Social Media is more than that, it is a recent component of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). IMC is followed to connect with the desired audience. Advertising, personal selling, public relations, publicity and the like synchronize the elements of promotional mix, which has its own importance.

Social Media Marketing

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