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Ecommerce Websites

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Better the user experience, better the visito-to-conversion rate.

These days people don't have the time to go for leisurely shopping sprees they prefer to shop at one stop. You don't have to look far - just look at yourself. What's your way of shopping? Don't you save time when you shop online? When you need a new gadget, don't you hit Google and get it online? When you want books, images or even t-shirts, don't you search and shop for them online? We think you do! And by doing this you are generating revenue for the online retailers!

Now, let's consider the products that you sell in your stores but not online or perhaps you have an online store but your ecommerce site does not generate sales for you! It is for certain that in both cases you are losing a great deal in financial terms.

Not enough sales offline

Think of the revenue you can generate by setting up an online store or improving your current one! You will obtain sales without human interaction! Save precious time! Improve greatly on your financial status! What more can you ask for.

We don’t want you to be stuck in the 90’s! We want you to get sales via ecommerce medium. We want you to be confident, to successfully run your business online, increase your effectiveness, and watch your profits grow. Yes, we know that it's a little difficult for you to grasp how to manage inventory online, process credit cards, and comply with online privacy and ecommerce security concerns. Don't worry; folks at 4M are here to handle all the technical details for you.

How do we do it?

We start off with user research, market trends, and competitive analysis. Then sketch the layout with pencil, establish wireframes and then carryout custom web design around the approved wireframes. The result is beautiful, well-targeted look and feel, for your ecommerce website.

The next step is to create the interaction design for your ecommerce site’s checkout process. At this stage, our focus is on one thing only and that it to make the checkout process an easy one for your shoppers.  Once the checkout process is completed, we start on the custom programming, to adjust the site according to your product.

When all is done it's only a matter of plugging your merchant account to your site, to process credit cards. You now have an easy to use, business savvy ecommerce website, which communicates your message and gives you sales online!

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