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Web analytics for strong ROI

You can't see them leaving before making them to see what you want them to see. Can you?

A strong ROI - that is what you dream of - we will make it true through high search engine rankings, compelling paid-search advertising, result-oriented conversion architecture, then finally improving it with web analytics and optimisation that will attract and retain profitability of your site. 

There are number of analytics softwares available that you can integrate with your website. Web analytics today is perceived as plugging in the codes the software provides and getting the reports. This is a misconception - what's the use if you can't translate the data analytics provide into meaninful information? This is where web analytics consultants come into play.

4M delivers first-class SEM services with web analytics and conversion optimisation. We use Google web analytics (and are happy to work with your web analytics software) to convert the raw data into meaningful information.

You will get the quantitative and precise details like

  • How many users visited your site?
  • How did they reach your site?
  • Were they satisfied while surfing the site?
  • How many of them filled the forms?
  • Which pages are most popular?
  • Which pages are less popular?
  • From which page they exited?
  • and much more

This information will help you re-align the site and improve user experience. We will also use this information to craft the strategy for your site and get the most out of each visitor visiting your site.

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