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Search Engine Optimzation Training

  • Search Engine Optimzation Training
  • Search Engine Optimzation Training

SEO Expert Training Pakistan

Optimize your site for maximum search engine visibility

SEO is all about attracting the right visitors that will make a purchase or hire your company for services.

This course will give you the foundation of what the SEO is, technical know-how and insight into how to build and implement an SEO strategy that will get you long term revenue in today’s fiercely competitive online marketplace.

Who is the course for?

Effective marketers are always on the go to explore new niches, and enhance and improve website visibility in the organic/natural search engine listings. Once you have completed this course, you may manage a SEO campaign yourself, through a web agency or consultant. This course has both options, that is, do it yourself and how to reap maximum benefits when working with a web marketing agency.

How will I benefit?

You will be equipped with SEO foundations, essential knowledge, technical know-how and an insight to build a SEO strategy and search engine friendly websites, which will help you in quality traffic acquisition. You will also be able to find out who will actually hire you or purchase your company’s product or services.

What will I learn?

You will learn the best practice methodologies and strategic skills to equip you with the knowledge necessary to plan and implement a successful SEO campaign for maximum possible returns. You will also learn how to manage your online brand in order to increase its market share in the natural listings.

You will be able to devise a strategy which will measure and analyze search term performance, keyword conversion visitor traffic from Google, Yahoo and all the main search engines and competitor activity. You will become an expert at spotting and taking advantage of quick-win opportunities and tracking the results.

Key learning outcomes

  • Understand the key components of a successful natural search strategy, new SEO innovations and quick-win opportunities
  • Refine your approach to key phrase analysis and content to increase the performance of your website on search engines
  • Understand the importance of usability and design to maximise your website performance
  • Improve your reporting and strategies for harnessing new innovations to boost SEO

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