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Director of Chatty Solutions has multiple degrees from Harvard Business School, MIT and University of California. He was also awarded 3 technology patents by the US Patent Office.

Chatty Apps is a unique rapid application development and deployment platform for mobile applications that use electronic forms. Using a unique patented technology, it offers a new breed of adaptive user interface that make smart phones ideal for creating mobile electronic forms for your web sites, mobile application and hosted (SaaS) applications.

They needed a corporate website to promote their mobile based software product.  

The core requirement was to help them market their mobile products via online channel and integrate the forms with customer relationship management for easy management for their sales team.

4M Designers was given bare minimum time to complete this website development, but our team took the challenge and delivered the promising user experience design along with the content management system and integration with client relationship management software called ZohoCRM.

The design is aligned with their mobile based product. There is a long term aspects integrated into design in terms of scalability of the website.

They have leverage to add any number of pages within the parent page without having to approach our web design company.

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