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Add spice to your marketing by launching card membership.

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Voucheria is a web based application which any restaurant can acquire to boost its marketing efforts.

If you are looking to launch an annual card membership program, you can do it with Voucheria. If you want to provide discounted vouchers to your card members, you can do it with Voucheria. Entire process is automated from members registration to card generation to vouchers assignments.

There is an exclusive members area for members to view their voucher usage, edit their profile, request a supplementary card and send card renewal requests.

It also has the content management system which has the ability to manage the site content (for example the benefit page). There is a permission system for different user roles for instance cashier at your restaurant outlet can only redeem vouchers.

Summary of Features

  • Electronic Vouchers
  • Card Membership
  • Restaurant Management
  • Staff Management
  • Membership Management
  • Members Management

Vouchers Management

  • Add/Edit/Delete/Activate/Deactivate Vouchers
  • View vouchers consumption
  • Every voucher will have unique number
  • Sort vouchers by hotel/restaurant
  • See most actively used vouchers by members
  • See expired vouchers
  • See unused vouchers

Members Management

  • Edit/Delete/Activate/Deactivate Members
  • Change password of Members
  • View member's voucher usage
  • View total number of voucher consumed by member
  • View total numbers of voucher remaining by member
  • Export members to Excel Sheet
  • Search members by
    • Members name
    • Membership number
    • Email address

Application Management

  • Online form to accept card membership request
  • Integration with merchant account to accept credit cards
  • Manage pricing
  • New membership, renewal, spouse membership

  • View member's voucher usage
  • View total number of voucher consumed by member
  • View total numbers of voucher remaining by member
  • Sort members by hotel

Voucher Deals Management

  • Add/Edit/Delete Voucher deals
  • Vouchers once generated for a member cannot be modified or change

  • Define how many vouchers a member can have

Permission Management

  • Create unlimited administrators
  • Create hotels
  • Create POS/OUTLET offices
  • Property based access to the the system
  • Only authorized outlets can redeem vouchers

Front–end Members Managementt

  • Change password
  • Change secret question and answer
  • See voucher usage history
  • Renew membership option
  • Customer comment form


  • View members' voucher consumption by restaurant
  • View accumulative voucher consumption
  • View voucher consumption by member
  • View membership applications by date range
  • View memberships expiring soon

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