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Hire Web Designers

  • Hire Web Designers

Hire a website designer

Dedicated and skillful resource with great control

Clients become loyal to companies when they get value for every penny spent. The value comes from working with the right people, who demonstrate the quality in what they do.

Finding the right website designers to outsource your work is the most important aspects of the whole equation: with a hit-miss ratio of about one to ten, it takes a while to build a solid team you can depend on. But with some planning and focus, before long you can have a team (designer, developer, seo experts) to rival your biggest competitors, at a fraction of the cost. Once you have the team, you have the leverage.

Website designers at 4M, are always on look-out for the good, up-to-date with the web design trends and standards. They have a passion to produce innovative yet clear designs, and look for inspirations from their life experiences and surroundings. Experience does matter but isn’t everything. Ability to try out new stuff without any fear and to paint the canvas with your own colours, are both key to a successful web experience and our website designers have both.

Web Designer Capabilities

  • Web Design
  • Logo & Identity design
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • CMS
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Expression Engine
  • Magento Commerce

Summary of hire a web site designer service

The Web Designer works exclusively for you for 8 hours a day for 22 days in a month.

  • 176 Hours of guaranteed production from a web designer.
  • Work gets done between office hours in Pakistan.
  • No set up fees.
  • Billing done on Monthly basis.
  • Minimum commitment of 12 months.

Infrastructure & Technology

  • Core i7 Machines.
  • Hi-speed internet.
  • Power Backup.
  • Dedicated VOIP phone line.
  • Remote hosting for testing.
  • Project management tool.

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