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Understanding the web design

02 Apr, 2014

Of course web design agencies cannot expect their clients to know all about web designs, websites and all the technical jargons that follow or the analysis and planning preceding the implementation. Responsibility to communicate effectively with clients does fall under a web design agency’s list of responsibility, however, as per the famous saying “time is money” clients wouldn’t want to waste a lot of time trying to understand the various stages of website development. Similarly to save time, client cannot even cut off communication and let the web design company handle everything(this usually ends up with clients making end moment demands for adjustments that not only will waste client’s time but will also waste web design agency’s time and resources). It is expected of clients to at least have a fair understanding of what web design and website jargon actually refers to.

Web designers don't jump the gun and start right off at the home page as soon as they are given a project. A thorough understanding of the design, planning and analysis is done. This is done by:

  • Gathering information about what content goes where
  • Understanding the viewers of the website
  • Understanding the goals and the objectives of the business building that website

A web design team is usually formed at an agency that tackles with the research and the implementation. There is a need for a team as web design is a multi-disciplinary job for which one may need employees specializing in information system, graphic designing etc. For small scale projects however, usually one person suffices. For large scale organizations, various experts are needed that may also include copy writers, brand consultants etc.

Web Design
Web Design Analysis

Content management system

Content management system allows users to update their data without knowing any HTML at all. One may not even need a web design agency for a CMS. Basically they are a form of dynamic websites and users have the flexibility to change their templates as they please. However, it is recommended that a user, who has no prior experience to set up a website, must approach a web design company for consultancy as to know how to go about setting up a website before starting implementation.

Content Management System

Technicality and relationships

Web design agencies look into different databases and webpages a client’s website needs to be linked with. Many web design agencies also get hosting and domains for their clients. It is essential that a client is affiliated with a reliable hosting company or a company with the track record of hosting sites similar to the client’s site.

Brand alignment

Does a business have a mission statement or a set of objectives? Is there a theme that would go with the business and its mission statement? Web design agencies stress on not only having the best web design but the right web design for their clients.

It must be understood that making modifications on a site is harder than building a site. Therefore clients should consider if their website can be expanded, compatible on different devices and if the presentation or the amount of the content appeals to the aesthetics of the web design.

4M Designers make a thorough analysis on a business and client's requirements, and design a web page accordingly while making sure that their client is well aware of the structure and the pros and cons it offers.