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A guide to planning a budget for your website

21 Apr, 2015

Deciding a budget is one of the most important steps before creating a website. Before beginning to plan your website, you must have a detailed discussion about the budget for your website. If this is not done then:

  • The website can end up costing an unexpected amount, two or three times more than what it would normally cost.
  • The website can have half or a quarter of functionality, making it almost useless.
  • The website can have many mistakes, causing a flow of complaints from your users.

Create site specifications

It is important to consider the website design elements before finalizing a budget plan. Do you want it to be customized? To what extent? Do you have images? Will photos need to be taken? If so, how many photos? Deciding the content is another important factor. How much content will your website need? 10 pages or 100 pages? Do you want to optimize your website on search engines? What function do you want to add to your website? These are all the elements that must be thought out when deciding on a budget.

Align expectations and costs

It is important to note that mostly, the cost of building a website is more than you expected. This is not entirely a bad outcome, as now you are in a strong position to have real reviews and development options. Our team gives you a realistic idea of what your website will cost, according to the features you want to include in your website. Usually, companies don’t focus on images when developing a website. Later, designers realize how boring the website looks as it text based. Designers then decide to add images, causing an unexpected expense and a stretch on the budget that was initially decided.

Also you must realize the importance of content on the website. Most clients think writing the content will be easy and will not take much time. However, we stress on its importance, and tell our clients that it is not that simple to write content for websites.

Giving the clients a realistic idea of how much it will cost adds functions to the website. Some may say, "Throw in a little e-commerce", not realizing exactly how much that may cost.

By deciding your budget in detail, you don’t receive any shocks when unexpected costs arise. Always leave room for such unexpected expenses, so that you are well prepared for any extra costs down the line. This will enable you to create the perfectly suited website for your business, keeping in mind your online aims, business goals you hope to achieve and the image of your business. Following a strict plan enables us to create your unique website without any hindrances. Making a commitment to you, without any budget for planning or asking you to suddenly decide on a budget is extremely risky. Our team puts our clients above anything else.