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Every opportunity and client is unique, but the following steps have shown the highest correlation with success to date:

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  • Discover

    1. Discover

    Our first and foremost priority is what our client wants; we listen to you very carefully. Meaningful results are derived from clear communication and a deep understanding of the client’s business situation. We then study your customers' requirements; paying special attention not only to what they say, but what they do and what motivates them. Designers at 4M are passionate observers of how real-life users interact with products and websites.

    Stakeholder and Customer Interviews
    Website Usage Analysis
    Inventory of Usability Issues
    User Personas Development
    Competitive Research
  • Plan

    2. Plan

    Every successful project requires thorough planning. Most likely your project has many important business goals, with various levels of priorities and difficulties. 4M  Designers has been the central planning and product definition hub for clients located in USA, UK, Denmark, Norway, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia, to name just a few. We’ll carefully study your design; workout the technical and content constraints, and help you position everything into an actionable roadmap that can guide the design process.

    Goal prioritization
    Project Vision & Roadmap
    Content Brief
    Feasibility Studies
  • Invent

    3. Invent

    First, we listen to you. Successful engagements always involve clear communication and a deep understanding of the client's business situation. Then we study your customers, paying special attention not only to what they say, but what they do and where they click. Our designers are passionate observers of how real-life users interact with products and websites.

    Workflow & Conceptual Design
    Information Architecture
    Interaction Design
    Prototypes & User Tests
    Graphic Design
  • Define

    4. Define

    In this phase, solutions come into view. In essence, we take our detailed understanding of your customers and start solving their problems in a way that leverages the strengths of your business. We continue to discover fresh solutions as we define the conceptual design. The best answers are not always what we expected them to be.

    UI Behavior Specification
    Visual Styleguide
    System Requirements
    Performance Metrics
    Quality Assurance Test Scripts
  • Build

    5. Build

    Depending on the client's level of technical expertise and resources, our involvement in development can be minimal or comprehensive. In all cases, 4M Designers’ delivers distinctively detailed and clear designs and specifications, and provides continuous support for development. 4M Designers’ technical capabilities include client and server-side development, e-commerce, content management systems, and CRM.

    Client-Side Development
    IT Infrastructure Set-up
    Server-Side Development
    Integration with 3rd party system
    Support for development
  • Deploy

    6. Deploy

    We make sure that designs are ready before they are launched. All user testing, quality assurance, and reviews are conducted within 4M Designers’ testing environment, a site to which the client has immediate access. When all development is complete, we work with the client's internal IT department to deploy and launch the site at a live production environment.

    Quality Assurance
    Analytics Configuration
    Launch Management
  • Manage & Grow

    7. Manage & Grow

    It's not always possible, or smart, to do everything at once. We work with you to make changes that have the most effect first, and provide a plan for how a solution may grow in the future. We also guide that growth, by continuously evaluating the effectiveness of designs and building on their successes, increasing your ROI.

    Tracking Analysis
    Measures of Success Evaluation
    Development Status
    Future Enhancements Plan