Digital Marketing Audit

10x your Digital ROI

Are you unhappy with your digital marketing efforts and results?

There might be holes in the bucket that’s leaking valuable traffic and dollars.

Or perhaps you are doing digital marketing all by yourself and unsure of the next steps to improve your online presence.

We can help.

We’ll conduct an in-depth digital marketing audit to fix the holes in the bucket.

Think of it as a SWOT Analysis

It’s important to first understand what you’ve been doing, whether right of wrong. Then, strike out what works for your business and expand on it to achieve results.

How We Carry Out A Digital Marketing Audit

At 4M Designers, we analyse and deep dive into all aspects of digital marketing including content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and on-site optimization.


Before anything, it’s important to set the foundation right. We’ll analyse your performance in lieu of your business goals. If you have not set the business goal, it becomes our first step to define what you would want to achieve in the next year.

For example, one of the goals could be to increase leads by 40% and revenue by 50% in 1 year.

Auditing Content, Content Marketing, and Social Channels

Content is the fuel of digital marketing initiatives. Your content will be deeply analysed to understand how well it is perceived by your visitors and how it performs on various social media channels.

Then content will be classified into categories including videos, blogs, native posts, and images. Engagement by social media channels will be evaluated. For example, blog posts may work well on Linkedin versus that of Instagram.

Shares and comments, time on video are a few signals that will be captured in our digital marketing audit report for content types.

Auditing SEO

Are you doing SEO for quite sometime now? It’s time to do a health check exercise.

SEO is critical to your digital presence. If you are not doing it, be sure you will left behind. Ignore SEO at your peril.

  • Back-end factors such as hosting and indexing
  • Front-end factors such as content, keywords, and metadata
  • Link quality and outside references

A regular audit will clear up a lot for you

  • The ups and downs in the rankings of the website.
  • The best-performing keywords for the website.
  • The best-performing keywords for the competition.
  • The non-performing keywords for the website.
  • New keywords that might benefit the website.

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Auditing Social Media Performance

Building a strong social media profile for your business requires both patience and consistency. We’ll evaluate how value-generating and engaging your posts are, how many times your posts were shared, whether your content satisfied your users’ content requirements, what was the split of curation and creation, and many other factors.

We use the Intent Based Branding process to unfold your social media performance. It’s a 3-step process:


Pre-framing is a knowledge that they are going to draw a conclusion about you before they ever consume your content, before they every consider buying anything from you.


Indoctrination is where you create a bond with the people who consume your stuff because you’ve helped them.


Conversion happens when you have successfully established your authority through value-generation content.

Looking to improve your digital media ROI? The search is over.