Before and After Web Design | United Energy Pakistan

The truth is most people still judge a book by its cover.

It does not matter how small or large your business is… you can create a perception of a strong business through your website.

When people are searching for a product or service, they visit websites to determine whether it would work for them or not.  And guess what it’s your web design that powers their decision making more than anything. Sure, the backend systems like content management systems, analytics.. do play an important role in improving your website’s user experience, however, they remain at the backstage of things.

If your website is out of shape and does not work on mobile devices then it’s already hurting your bottom line.

Gone are the days when people will make an effort to visit your office or shop. It’s more true in these tough times when COVID clouds are all over us. Consumers are out there looking for products and services.. their buying pattern has evolved. This means businesses now have to put more emphasis on how their website communicates with consumers.

  • Is the website copy relevant to their buying intent? Or it’s just the me-talk that no one wants to hear!
  • Is the website using supporting elements like icons, images, charts?
  • Is there a call to action?
  • Are fonts, colors consistent across all your marketing and communication platforms?

United Energy Pakistan, one of the largest companies in Pakistan, recently engaged us to revamp their website.

Before: Here’s how their website looked back then.

After: Here’s how it looks now when we transformed it.

I’ve put together a web design checklist that would make it easier for you to zero in on your target audience and define your website’s purpose.

Are you considering to revamp your website? Or perhaps a new business website is on the cards?

Let’s build something great together