22 Types of Website Online Sales Funnels that Turn Visitors into Customers

Every website owner likes a page visitor but every website owner wishes for a paying customer! This is where a ‘sales funnel’ comes in handy. At the top of your sales funnel is where your website customers come in and ideally sales come out of the bottom.

Here’s what a sales funnel looks like:

Through the use of a ‘capture page’ you get your customer’s information (name & email address) and then email them for a follow up. With the help of Call to Actions you lead them to a sale and thus they convert from a visitor to a paying customer.

Many different types of sales funnels are there built for a specific purpose and today we’ll discuss 22 of them so let’s begin!

1. The Sales Letter Funnel
This is when a traditional long form sales letter is used to sell the product or service upfront. The sales letter sells your front end product and to increase the average cart value, you have upsells and downsells instantly after the main offer.

2. The Membership Funnel
This is when you create a membership website and sell access to it through the funnel. These funnels are used to sell paid newsletters, get people into membership sites and so on. You can sell a membership site with the help of sales letter or webinar but here we’ll discuss the use of a video sales letter.

Firstly, the user will sign-up for a trial. On the last page, they will be asked to create an account by their unique username and password. When they login they will be able to access content specific to their purchases.

3. The Squeeze Page Funnel
This is an easy two-page sales funnel by which you generate leads using curiosity. They work by attracting users through a curiosity-based headline – they put in their email and unlock the answer. Hence you get their email address which is the objective of this funnel.

These pages have nothing extra like links, footers, logos etc to keep the user’s focused. The more curiosity you create the better are the chances of getting the email address. Use this funnel when you want to attract a new audience. Lure them in through curiosity and in the next pages you can introduce other content.

4. The Video Sale Letter Funnel
Here, a video is used to make the sale of your product or service. You don’t necessarily have to hide the ‘Add to Cart’ button till the video reveals the price. The video sales letter will sell your product and you can add an Order Form Bump on the order form. Afterwards you normally have an upsell and maybe a downsale.

5. The Survey Funnel
There are two objectives of a survey funnel:

More engagement with the visitors through question/answers and micro commitments.
Showing you who your visitors are so they can be presented sales messages accordingly.

For example you can ask a question like, “Are you married or single?” and based on their answer, they can be directed to a funnel set up specifically for them, a specific kind of sales video webinar etc.

6. The 2-Step Tripwire Funnel
This is when you sell users a low priced front end product and then move towards selling other products worth more. Your low ticket front end product will be irresistible so people are compelled to buy it and once they put in their credit card, you can sell your expensive products via Order Form Bumps or One Click Upsells or Downsells.

Step one is when the customer is asked for their contact information while step two is when the customer selects the product and enters their credit card information. The objective of this funnel is to break even on ad-spend and then move up the customers to expensive products on the Thank You page.

7. The Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel
In this type of funnel, you reveal the value of the product/service first and then ask for their email address. So you give your best information and items first and then ask the customers to opt-in.

This type of funnel is useful when you’ve already built a relationship with customers and you want to know attract them in for a purchase quickly. Here the quantity of leads might not be too high but the quality will be much higher. The ‘Thank You’ page can be used to give more information and for sharing options.

8. The Invisible Funnel
This is when you sell your customers access to an event and charge them if they like it after it’s over. For example you go to a restaurant to eat and only pay at the end IF you liked the food. These funnels work by giving away value for free upfront and only charging if the customers like what they received.

The event is free to attend but after a Video Sales Letter, visitors have to register their seat on the first page by entering their credit card information but no money is charged. Additional products are offered on the Thank You page and OTO on the second page.

If the customer likes the free training, they are billed automatically within two days, if they don’t they aren’t billed at all.

9. The Live Demo Funnel
This funnel is a great way to show your product by using it in front of your customers. This way you can answer live questions while demonstrating your product. You can host a live show periodically that will be attended live by others too. You can inform viewers from where they can get the product.

10. The Hero Funnel
Use this funnel to show who you are and how people can connect with you. Build a list of followers by showcasing your story and get them to join your email newsletter after sharing your bio. Then ask them to follow your social media accounts.

11. The Lead Magnet Funnel
This funnel is similar to other opt-in funnels but here you actually give away something in exchange of an email address so it’s like an ethical bribe. It has to be something tangible in exchange of their email address.

12. The Webinar Funnel
These funnels will help you in getting people to register for and attend your webinar events. Since webinars are at least an hour long, it gives you more time to convert potential customers for an expensive product and address the false beliefs of the customers.

These funnels work in two phases:

Phase 1: visitors register for the event and curiosity is built through success stories
Phase 2: visitors attend the live webinar (and can watch replays) while time to make a purchase slowly runs out to create urgency.

13. The Auto Webinar Funnel
If you’re an entrepreneur who has proven your offer several times in the Webinar Funnel, you can make use of the Auto Webinar Funnel which will automatically sell your products 24/7. The best selling webinar is uploaded online and is embedded in ‘Webinar Broadcast Page.’

These auto webinars will play nonstop selling your products and services for you.

Here’s how it works:

Registration page – Customer registers for the webinar
Confirmation page – They see the date and time for the event

Links are emailed to them for indoctrination pages
Links are then emailed for a replay room

14. The Homepage Funnel
It’s a traditional home page website turned into an actual lead funnel. On the first page you’ll have the story of the business and will invite your visitors to opt-in. They’ll also have an option to choose from the products featured on the page.

This funnel highlights the business’ origins with popular products.

15. The Cancelation Funnel
This is when you try to save the sale by asking people why they are leaving the page. It is used when customers are returning, refunding or canceling. Sometimes customers don’t understand a product or service and cancel so doing a quiz will tell you what their concerns are. This way you can save the sale on the next page and reduce the refunds and cancelations.

16. The Ask Campaign Funnel
You can use this funnel at all stages of your business to find out what your customers want and then create it for them. The questions are usually open-ended and tell the customers to discuss the challenges they face with something. This will give you insight about the false-belief customers may experience before they spend money of your product/service.

17. The Product Launch Funnel
If you have a new product to launch, use this funnel to create anticipation before customers buy the product. Before the cart opens on the final day, some marketing previews are sent to build urgency to buy the product for a limited time.

Closing the cart after a few days is a key feature of this type of funnel.

18. The Application Funnel
In this type of funnel, the potential client must ‘apply’ to work with you to become a client and it works by using a ‘take away’ sale. This is often used in coaching and consulting let’s you qualify people to work with you.

19. The Storefront Funnel
This is an example of a common ecommerce website that brings people to your core funnels. It’s a single page where all your products can be seen with links leading to other funnels and products so each product pushes into a funnel that is designed to sale the product.

20. The Daily Deal Funnel
This is when you make irresistible offers to get in new customers. Create an offer and run it to consistently get new people in your business. Make the special offer on a two-step ‘order page’ and on the ‘thank you’ page persuade the customers to share the deal with their circle.

21. The Summit Funnel
With this funnel entrepreneurs can become an authority figure in their industry by providing value through an online summit. You’ll gather multiple speakers and interview them and let people register for this summit free of cost. Then you make an upsell on the recordings.

You’ll be able to build a great list and brand your authority. You can include a biography and picture of each person on the Sales Letter Page and you can tell them to invite their friends to the event on the Share Page.

22. The Bridge Funnel
If you need to connect two different but related ideas or pre-frame the things you want to sell, you can use this funnel. If you don’t have control over the pages your visitors will go to after sign-up this funnel will help. The pre-frame bridge will allow you to pre-sell your product before they move on to a funnel you don’t control.

From these 22 types of Sales Funnels (out of many more), you can use a combination to check what works for your business to get in more conversions.

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