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2-Day Training on SMART Digital Marketing

SMART Digital Marketing

For serious marketers, business owners and entreprenuers.

This two-day exclusive training is for professionals looking to build the dream online strategy and assess how they can automate marketing and reduce marketing expenses. This training will give you the comprehensive understanding on the acquisition tools (search, affiliate marketing, display advertising), retention techniques (email, engaging website), and some of the management issues (legal issues, data gathering, integration with off-line activity).

Commonly used jargons in online marketing (RSS feeds, mashups, tag clouds, AJAX, CSS, and more) will also be thoroughly explained to help you work with people, in-house and outside.

Who is the course for?

This course is for offline marketers with at least 2 or more years of practical experience, and people who need to know all the bits and bytes of online marketing, such as business owners, entrepreneurs, and management teams.


At the end of the day, you will be equipped with the knowledge and practical guide on how to run an online marketing campaign. You will gain valuable insights into the difference between offline and online marketing, and how you can connect the offline marketing with online marketing for customer acquisition, conversion and retention. Discover the factors that influence your customers such as the design and the way message is composed and delivered to them, and how do they perceive your message and your company. Most Importantly, discover ways to run and monitor online campaigns using the same budget.

What will I learn?

You will learn why online marketing should be adopted and how it is better than offline marketing. You will also learn how you can use major online channels (search engines, social media, email marketing etc) to make an impact on your bottom-line.


Day 1

Setting the Foundation

  • What do we mean by Digital Marketing?
  • Why online marketing is so important?
  • Why integration is important?
  • Beyond the Web Geek
  • Starting your online journey
  • Knowing your customers - external resources
  • Attract, Engage, Transact
  • Why You'll love Online Marketing
  • Three Reasons Traditional Marketing Isn't working anymore.

Planning and Strategy

  • Stress Free Planning
  • Dream Destination Strategy
  • Know your website
  • Picturing your users
  • Goals of your website
  • What Do I Want Visitors to Do on My Website?
  • Build an online strategy
  • Examine current online strategy
  • Does the content help meet your business objectives?
  • Does the content contribute towards your success criteria?
  • What would your user personas think of your content?
  • Set Goals

The Power of Design

  • Perceptions of what makes good design.
  • Test your design
  • Importance of simplicity
  • Different types of layouts

Website Design and Usability

  • Setting objectives
  • Planning your website - functionality, navigation and content
  • Customer personas and customer journeys
  • Copywriting for the web
  • Usability testing - how to make sure things are working
  • Taking control of your website
  • Pros and Cons of CMS
  • Open source v/s custom CMS
  • Search Engine Friendly Website
  • Re-design v/s Re-align
  • A broken model
  • A broken relationship

Day 2

Search Engine Optimization

  • Understanding Search Engines
  • Creating your own SEO Strategy
  • Site Design Elements Important for Successful SEO Campaign
  • Become number one on Google.
  • Working with right SEO agency.
  • Problems with Search Engines.
  • SEO v/s Pay Per Click.
  • What does 'good' look like – key metrics.
  • Traffic-driving – advertising, search, email, affiliates and referrals.
  • Web measurement – what you can track and how you can use it.

Keyword Research

  • Why you need to identify individuals
  • What data do you need to gather?
  • How to gather data from multiple resources?
  • Click-stream data – you are what you click

Creative Considerations

  • What can disrupt the user experience - browsers, firewalls and slow connections
  • How is writing for the web different from offline writing?
  • Costs, skills and time-scales - how to manage the creative process
  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • An integrated creative experience from offline to online

Tracking and Measurement

  • What can you measure and how do you measure
  • What does 'good' look like – key metrics
  • Traffic-driving – advertising, search, email, affiliates and referrals
  • Web measurement – what you can track and how you can use it

Tying it all together

  • Creating a customer contact model
  • Defining Customer Life Cycle Models
  • Identifying your revenue generator and key performance indicators
  • Writing a detailed campaign plan

Planning for the future

  • Creating a richer experience
  • Targeting emerging platforms
  • Your next steps
  • Course review

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