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Email Marketing

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Bespoke email design & delivery

Cost effective method to bring in more sales and improve brand awareness

First of all – let’s make it clear that bulk email marketing will not bring results but problems in terms of spam arrest, domain blockage and will also hurt your credibility.

Opt-in Email Marketing is the best and highly effective marketing setup that any business can use at any stage in their marketing cycle to generate results. The send and track feature of email marketing allows you to understand how people are seeing your email – such a great feature that offers great return on investment – this means that you can see where your hard-earned penny went.

The guys at 4M are well versed with email marketing. They know what it takes to run highly effective email marketing campaigns.

Do you know how to code email designs that are delivered directly to the inbox and open correctly in Outlook and Gmail? We do, and our email designs are compatible with any email service provider.

We’ve our own email marketing application that sits online and is accessible with any web browser. 4M Email Marketer allows you to send your own e-mail campaigns simply by choosing one of our existing templates or designing your own. Just enter your content, create a recipient list, and deliver amazing results!

With our email marketing solution, you can

  • Send your e-mails any time.
  • Drive huge traffic to site.
  • Improve communication.
  • Increase your brand awareness globally
  • Increase loyal clientele.
  • Increase sales and business.
  • Reduce cost of web marketing.

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