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Medencrypt is Texas based technology-healthcare service provider.

They needed to revamp and restructure their corporate website.

The Medencrypt site redesign helped the company raise their perception. The site’s improved functionality and custom content management system gave Medencrypt the ability to manage and grow their site without technical assistance, and in addition helped them generate more qualified leads from their site.

The site is built around 4M’s content management system.

Words from the Client

Dear 4M Designers

Thank you for rebuilding our website!

We have been going through a major business revamp and included with this was the need to replace the website we currently have. The website that we had was misleading and had too much unnecessary context. Although the color scheme was bright and appropriate, there was just no appeal.

I then searched online for a great web design company who can fulfill our website needs with as minimal information that we can give. This is when I learned about 4M Designers.

Your team is professional yet very easy to deal with. You gave suggestions we didn't even think of. I enjoy the creativeness you have brought to our new website.

I am very pleased with the work you have done and now, we're hoping to work with you on rebuilding our web portal. I would recommend 4M Designers to anyone needing any type of website. Thank you!

Michelle Liwanag

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