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4M Designers designed and developed the HerCareer.pk concept, branding, website and social media campaign. 

The aim is to connect women to onsite jobs, work-from-home projects or guide them to launch their own Internet-based businesses.

The platform has social sign up feature that makes it easy for women to register and apply for jobs. Candidates can also see their application status by logging into their account.

There's a separate area for companies that allows them to advertise work opportunities and receive profiles of women candidates.  

There's also a filter system that shortlists candidates based on the job settings.

In the span of 2 months, the website is able to attract 21,000+ women registrations on the web portal. 

Also, 4M Designers manages HerCareer.pk's Facebook presence which engages 245,000+ women every month. 

More features are being worked out which will be deployed in the next release. 

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