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Avari Gold

Avari Hotels Limited is renowned hotel group in Pakistan. Group has 5 five star hotel properties in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Dubai.

They turned to 4M Designers when Avari needed to automate restaurant voucher management system.

Requirement was to centralize the access to the system via any restaurant outlet, create a database to store customer details, voucher usages and customer transaction history.  

They also wanted to incorporate features of customer management, restaurant user management with strong permission architecture.

4M Designers developed the 3 tier web based application and a corporate website for their popular dining program.

For a service that isn’t just presented online but experienced online, their site’s voice, design and usability are critical. From branding, to copywriting, design, heavy programming and online marketing, this project has become a magnificent example of our capabilities.

Everything from customer record generation to transaction is managed via centralized system.
Vouchers are generated on the fly, are easily redeemable at their restaurants, customers can see their usages and can request a supplementary card for their friends and family.

Our clean information architecture, consistent design, and photography selection made website creation an ultimate pleasure.

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