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Virtual Captives

  • Virtual Captives

Virtual Captives

Centralized decision making from recruitment to operations

Do you want to setup an offshore operation and also retain managerial control over a large offshore operation? The same can be achieved via virtual captive.

Synthetic and hybrid captive are the terms used for virtual captive. Virtual captive combines the strengths of offshore captive center and outsourcing models.

It is an extension of the parent business in the form of an offshore operation which utilizes the readily available skills and resources of a service provider with a great amount of managerial control over the offshore captive center, staff selection, risks and performance.

Virtual captives are ideal for companies that want to set up large offshore projects without committing the time and resources necessary to set up their own captive subsidiary

How it works

Entire process, from recruitment to operational management, is a cooperative process between the client and 4M Designers.

We have the infrastructure setup and enjoy the reputation of being one of the most successful web development companies in Pakistan.

We will create a pool of candidates, and make them available to you for screening. Once the candidates are short-listed and selected, we will simply set up workstations and make the necessary infrastructure adjustments as per your needs. Orientation session is conducted by either 4M Designer or by the client over video conferencing. Resources are ready to work with you.


  • Readily available infrastructure.
  • Shared risks between service provider and client.
  • Control over operations and staff selection.
  • Fast ramp-up time.
  • Fully transparent pricing.
  • Secured intellectual property.
  • Fully transparent pricing.

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