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Less is more: Keeping your website easy to use

22 Apr, 2015

Readability is the key to a user friendly website. It is important to avoid long paragraphs as large blocks of letters do much better on paper than they do on the Internet. The language must be simple so that it is widely understood by your viewers. Furthermore, consistency is the key to readability. It is important to establish a distinct style of the layout of your website such as proper headings and sub headings so viewers can easily identify what content is significant.

Choosing your colour combination when planning your website is an important factor that contributes to it being as user friendly or not. It is a well known fact that a black text is easier to read on a white background. However, it must also be taken into consideration when the viewer might be staring at the screen for a long time, in which case, will cause strain on the eyes and impair the viewer’s vision. Thus, it is suggested that a black background on a white text is more sensible to use and is chosen more by clients today.

If your users are required to fill out a form on your website, put extra careful into its design so that it is easy for your customers to place their orders without any hassle. You must fully understand that your viewers should have the ultimate experience while visiting your website so they keep coming back to it again and again. Making the buttons look clickable, giving enough space to type in the search or information bars and the chance to view what they have typed, all contribute to the ultimate experience.

It is also important for the uninteresting pages of your website to look attractive. These are important pages that do not gain any attention because they appear boring. At 4M Designers, our ingenious and exceptionally talented team combines the latest technology and the newest designs to make every page of yours attractive so that users can access it easily and thoroughly what they are reading.

Using funny and entertaining images and catch phrases that are sure to bring a smile on your customers face. Including popular links on your website and most importantly, make the contact information bold and clearly visible so that your customers can easily access this vital information. These few important points are sure to boost your sales and capture your target audience.

For the past 12 years, 4M Designers have worked with large and small businesses, who value their customers just as much as we do. This is why we believe that your customers are our customers. We do this by focusing on creating your website that will satisfy your customers and attract potential customers.