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How can you improve your web optimization?

05 Apr, 2014

Gone are the days when users would be at the mercy of a webpage taking its time to load like a high and mighty queen talking. They didn’t even mind a delay of 7-8 seconds. Today we live in a world that breeds extremely impatient and spoilt users who are not willing to compromise even on a couple of seconds. Displeased viewers will be quick with looking elsewhere for a faster web experience. So business today is on a tight leash and must provide their users with fast web optimization and browsing.



What you present to your users on a silver platter (web page) is the data. And the speed of the data being used and retrieved using style sheets and java scripting goes a long way in determining the speed of one’s application. HTML5 helps one in saving more data on a local cache.

On external servers, business would want their web page to be accessible to many users from highly available sources. This is called Content Delivery Network (CDN). As good as it may be to put your content on your own CDN, using Google's or Microsoft's CDN will make your content available to wider span of users.

URL redirection or forwarding

URL redirection is to establish link from one URL to a different URL on websites. So for example if a user is on abc.com, URL forwarding can redirect users to abc.def.com. From a developer's point of view, using redirecting links can be giving convenience to users. However, users on the other hand would be staring at the round splash icon rotating before he or she is redirected from an HTTP to HTTPS page. It is recommended that developers put in extra effort to handle such delays efficiently.


An image file itself may be small but there is an overhead request that would require calls from client to the local server which will take up more time in loading a page. Therefore using too many small images will expand on the overhead time to load the images on a webpage. Image sprites in this case can help developers combine all images into one optimized file that can be displayed as per the style sheets requirements.

Make your navigation simpler and more accessible.

Less time it takes to find the viewer's contact details of a business, more effective is the website on search engines. Search engines shouldn't have to go through the stack full of pages before reaching a 'contact us' page, every time a user types in the address of that business.

Web Design

Makes ones presence known

Of course SEO may be the most significant platform where one can have their presence known but it is not the only place. Ever since the boom of social media, today more and more people are connected and available on the virtual platform. It is essential to have advertisements or sponsored links to such social media network.

Social Media Marketing

Be careful with the content

If a website let's say shows up on Google places then a business should be sure to gets its listing on Google places sorted. No further optimization of the webpage will be needed. Furthermore, developers should be sure to include the relevant keywords as much as possible and be careful before choosing a domain name. Using fanciful names or initials don’t usually work in favor of business. Web design companies recommend their clients to keep simple and recognizable domain names.

Last but not the least is the design of one's webpage. Search engines like Google tend to give higher ratings to well organized websites. Also most visited websites become more popular, thus making them climb up on Google ratings. This is why it is essential that the website’s presence is made known on various other social media or other webpages.

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